The Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

This week we caught up with Prenatal Yoga expert, Nadia Narain, who explains the wonderful benefits of yoga during pregnancy. 

In 2009 Nadia created the 'Pregnancy Teachers Training' to help teachers teach yoga in an empowering and safe way to pregnant women, and since then has released 6 DVDs, and a wonderful range of aromatherapy candles. All available via her website;

Nadia Narain Prenatal fitness expertPicture credit Christina Wilson

What are the main benefits of prenatal yoga?

Its time for the mother to connect to her body and her baby growing inside of her. Not only is it important to move and breathe but to be in a room with other women all experiencing same thing

If you’ve never tried yoga before, what's the best advice to start safely?

Start with a pregnancy yoga class. Teachers are trained to handle all stages of pregnancy. Of course check with your Doctor or Midwife first if you have any concerns

If you can’t get to a class, is there a way you can practice at home?

Yes, I have a pregnancy dvd or you can order it online with 3 x 20 minute sessions that you can do in the comfort of your home. Preview the video here on You-Tube;

How long into your pregnancy can you practice?

Start after your first scan and right up until you give birth. There will be days when you are tired and don't feel like it, but these are usually days you need it most.

Many women struggle with lower back pain during pregnancy. Is there a pose that would be great to relieve tension?

Get on hands and knees and arch and round the spine. Cat Cow position and then do some rotations of the pelvis in both directions. 

Check your posture and your tail isn't sticking out and your back arched when standing. Always good to check with an Osteopath as they can help relieve discomfort

Is there a pose that will help with swollen ankles/legs?

Stand with hands on the wall , but feet a foot back . Rise onto balls of feet and come down about 20 times

Stand on one leg with hands on hips. Extend opposite leg and rotate foot 8 times one way, 8 times opposite way

Make sure you drink a lot of water

How does yoga help with labour?

It helps the mother connect with her body and feel all the positions that are possible for her to move in in labour. 

The class should give you a feeling of confidence and a knowing of your body so you can make the right decisions for you and your baby. 

Its also a great way to meet others mothers

Do you have any other advice?

Its a special time when you are pregnant. You are growing a whole human inside you you. Your baby. Don't wish this time away. Its a preparation time for you to become a mother. Its not always easy but nor is mothering. Labour is the easiest part of mothering, so prepare yourself well!

Most areas offer Mum and baby yoga so yoga is a great way to continue connecting with your baby after they are born?

Yes and for mums to meet other mums and move their bodies and just getting out of the house!


Photos from "The Beauty of Pregnancy through Yoga" event at triyoga, London.